zayn in seventeen magazine (x)

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Directioners, I ask you to take one moment from your scrolling and please read this. We have the opportunity to change several lives.

I’ll try to make this short and sweet. I, as well as many others of you, have been impacted by these 5 boys. They showed that ONE is significant. Without any single one of them, the band would not be where they are today. They would not be One Direction. Without all the millions of “ONE”s voting for them on the X Factor, tweeting, and buying their songs, they would not be where they are today and all the wonderful effects of their music would not have taken place.

They taught us that when ONEs come together, anything can happen. They taught me to dream big because ONE is important.

And so I have. I’m dreaming big and putting this before you: PROJECT ONE.

What are we gonna do?

Raise $1.7 million dollars.

A few nights ago it occurred to me how much potential comes together under the roof of a concert. Several thousands of people all under one roof. Anything could happen even if each person just gave one dollar.

 At my show alone, there will be 80,000 people in the crowds. So I got curious and did the math at what the seating capacity for all the stadiums/dates on the North America leg of the WWA tour would be. The results? 1,709,269. Not including unaccounted for floor seating. THAT IS ALMOST TWO MILLION PEOPLE

How are we gonna do that?!

Giving $1.

Let’s say each of these 1.7 million people scrounged up $1. Simple math, we’d have $1.7 MILLION DOLLARS. It seems like a lot of money, but all it would take is all of us going to the Where We Are Tour to just give ONE dollar. 

What’s the money for?

Mosquito nets.

I’m sure we’ve all seen the boys videos that were in partner with Comic Relief where they went to Africa and first hand saw the effects Malaria can cause. Thanks to Red Nose Day, the boys were able to help raise tons of money thanks to us donating and texting in. But I want to keep on going. I want everyone to be involved. 

After doing some research, I discovered that there is a simple prevention method to Malaria. Mosquito nets. Each Mosquito Net costs $10 to purchase and deliver to Africa.

How many mosquito nets can we buy?

Assuming the minimum funds we get is $1 per concert attendee we are back at $1.7 million. Divided by 10, that’s 170,926! That’s more than enough to cover not just one, but SEVERAL communities in Africa!


All because WE, (every ONE) of us, decided to make this tour make an impact and show those boys they taught us to make a difference and follow your dreams.


This project needs to be talked about. Tumblr’d about. Tweeted about. Let’s get the boys to know what we are trying to do! Practically, we will need booths and donation set ups at each of the tour dates and we would have to work with the tour agency to get this to happen. 

They may not listen to one of my phone calls. But they WILL listen to every single ONE of us working together to make this happen. 

Let’s SIGNAL BOOST this like CRAZY! We still have several months before the North America leg of the tour. Let’s use them to our advantage!

The official hashtag is #ProjectOneWWA

Send this link to your friends. REBLOG THIS POST. SPREAD THE WORD!!

I know that if any fandom can do this, it’s ours. We helped the boys get where they are because of social media, let’s help them go even further!! Please, please, please help this project see the light of day. I know we can make a change.

Even if you aren’t a Directioner, let’s help make a difference in this world because it’s the right thing to do. Lives are at stake.

Thanks for your time!!

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Someone please link me to this video

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Zayn has his own room dedicated to his art and none of us knew that because no one ever asks about what he’s into and his other passions like he decorated a giant dog for charity and no one asked him about it, zayn spends a lot of time at home alone probably reading and doing art and I want to talk to him about that because he’s probably really passionate about it

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it’s their life and they can do as they please, as long as they are happy why does it concern you?

I will being dming this to little mix to show perrie we care

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